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Former CEO Doug Merritt's abrupt resignation last week has unnerved Investors but we think Chairman & Interim CEO Graham Smith is well qualified to keep the firm on track. We wonder if the awkward leadership change and weak stock price may put SPLK in play as a strategic target for larger public Cloud providers.
Stock valuation and forecasting service ValuEngine, also provides research on more than 600 ETFs.  Their most recent study compares whether an index ETF based upon a consensus of “smart money” picks by “hedge fund gurus” is superior to active ETFs from fund company “investment gurus.”
Int’l Flavors & Fragrances Chairman & CEO Andreas Fibig (59) has announced that he is leaving IFF once a replacement is found. CEO Fibig has succeeded in making IFF a bigger entity, mostly via acquisitions, but we don't think that acquisitiveness has translated into increased intrinsic value for shareholders. New CFO Glenn Richter (59) started last month and will be in the hot seat for the year ahead as he is only the most recent of 4 CFOs at the firm in 5 years. We worry management's execution may suffer from all the management changes in recent years.
New York, NY February 11, 2021 - Axiomatic Data, the Form 5500 Information Company, announced today the creation and release of ThriveScores™ to its database covering over 650,000 US public and private companies. Using information extracted from Form 5500 filings, Axiomatic Data has developed a scoring methodology that predicts corporate growth, or likelihood to thrive, across the vast majority of US companies. ThriveScores can be used as a measure of financial health for all US companies and as an investment signal for US public companies.
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