​​Executive Team and CEO Rankings and Due Diligence Reviews

  • Reports: Concise one page management profiles covering key diligence topics
  • Profiles: Detailed Profiles of new CEOs and CFOs
  • Feeds: Feeds include management team ratings, management changes, innovative data and analysis on management teams
  • Coverage: Russell 3000, STOXX 600, and TSX 300 constituent companies
  • Consulting: In-depth background analysis  customized data and studies, custom watch lists and special data projects, on request
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​The Independent Research & Alternative Data Experts

  • Executive Pay Versus Performance Database: Measure management effectiveness with never before available data from StreetFeeds Executive PVP Database
  • Signals: Global research and data discovery platform, spotlighting our clients world class data, research and services
  • Research Calls: Complimentary, one on one calls, with our top research experts, arranged at your convenience
  • Feeds: Building, sourcing, negotiating and delivering financial data, research reports, news and other content for more than 20 years
  • Indexes and ETFs: Smart beta, multi-factor or traditional index construction, asset gathering, sponsor access and institutional sales
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​Stock & ETF Valuations, Price Targets, Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations

  • Reports: In-depth analysis of more than 5,000 North American stocks and 500 ETFS as well as industry and sector groups and ADRs
  • Feeds: Ratings, Estimates, Projections, fundamental data and calculated ratios
  • Custom Data Feeds: Feeds of printable, pre-formatted reports; or any data contained in reports like recommendations, ratings, fundamental data or proprietary data
  • ValuEngine Models: ValuEngine models ​are accurate and efficient ​and​ ​above all​ an objective means of assessing huge quantities of information for any given index, sector, industry, individual stock, or ETF​
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Employee Benefits Data for ESG and Growth Rate Signals

  • One Million Companies: Quantitative data on over 1,000,000 public and private US companies
  • Retirement Benefit Data: IRS Form 5500 (ERISA) filings cover retirement and welfare benefit plans and can be leverages as leading indicators of financial health
  • ESG Social Metrics: Provide consistent, comparable framework with material and auditable ESG factors
  • ThriveScores™: Proprietary ThrivesScores use corporate growth attributes to provide a measure of recent and forward‑looking corporate growth.
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SPAConomics – SPAC Database and Potential Shorts

  • SPAC Database: Coverage of more than 600 SPACs
  • Key Data Points: More than 70 columns of data such as dilution, promote, sponsor and underwriter quality, redemption ratio, PIPEs, multiples, safe-harbor projections
  • Baskets: Baskets of potential long and short SPAC ideas
  • Notifications: Notification of Lockups expiring in the next 30 days, lockup details, new SPAC IPOs, targets announced, and DeSPACS
  • Highlight Reports: SPAC Highlight Reports typically ~15 page single stock SPAC shorts
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