StreetFeeds Launches First of Its Kind PVP Dataset


Recently, New York-based financial data and product development consulting firm, StreetFeeds announced they are launching their first proprietary data feed product – a “Pay Versus Performance” dataset. StreetFeed’s new PVP datasets are the first commercially available PVP data on the market.

Background on StreetFeed’s PVP Datasets

Last August, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted its final rules implementing the pay versus performance (PVP) requirement in the Dodd-Frank Act. The new rules are the culmination of various proposals by the SEC dating back to 2015 when the agency first issued proposed PVP disclosure rules required by the Dodd-Frank legislation. The SEC’s final rules apply to fiscal years ending on or after December 16, 2022, meaning the first filings with PVP disclosures started to appear in February 2023.

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